Vocational training in Basic Tailoring at AROHA’s Uddyam center, Nagpur city, was started in the month of September, 2015. The five women in this group – Swati Warthi, Mamta Shendre, Bhavana Paserkar, Bhavana Pendam & Karuna Mankar were selected by AROHA team for the training in Basic Tailoring. All were in the age group of 21 yrs. to 29 yrs.

Myself, Pallavi Purushottam Belsare. Age 19 years. We live in a small, rented house. We are five family members. My father works as a daily wage worker in a company at MIDC. Mother works in a farm, elder sister helps mother, younger sister is studying. I left my education due the poor economic condition of my family. I have completed 10th. I was not able to study further.

As our financial condition was not so good, I always wanted to help my parents like my elder sister. I had a dream to own a boutique but it was far away because I did not have a single rupee to pay the fees for the tailoring course. One day a social worker from AROHA came to attend the meeting and give information to the self-help group of my mother. Luckily, I was there. Tailoring is my passion. I decided to join the institute of AROHA, which provided scholarship to the poor students in association with Larsen and Toubro Public Charitable trust.

I joint the training programme at Kalmeshwar center in the basic tailoring trade. It was a three months course. There I was in a pleasant atmosphere with well equipped & trained staff. All the information was timely provided by the staff and was very helpful always. After completing the course, I did practice at the center for one month. After I attained a good finishing , I started stitching blouses for customers. Initially, I got very less amount from customers as it was trial for them. I was also looking for a job where there was an opportunity to learn further.

After few days, I got a job in the textile showroom. Today I work in Laxmi textiles and earn Rs. 3000/- per month. I also stitch clothes at home. I feel, I am helping my parents. I am also helping my younger sister to pay her fees. My regards to Aroha and L&T Public Charitable Trust for their Support to make me self-confident & independent.