I am Sudarshana Meshram from Sai Nagar, Wadi. I am 40 years old. Two years ago my husband passed away leaving me and my children alone in this brutal world. I wasn’t getting any job due to lack of education. Neither my familynor in-laws supported me in my hard times. As I was tending to homelessness, I approached my in laws for economic support, but they just provided me one room to live in. After a months time, they started harassing me. Electricity connection in our house was disconnected. Everyday, I used to step out of my house to find any daily wage work so that I would buy some grains and vegetables and feed myself and my children.

Meanwhile my neighbour told me about an organization named AROHA working for socio-economic empowerment of women who were successfully conducting skill training programme with scholarship. I joined the bag making training programme immediately. This experience was very unique. Environment in the training centre was comforting and supportive.

After completing the training I started making and selling bags and managed to Rs. 500 to 1000 a month. Since i needed immediate regular income, AROHA team gave me an opportunity work for the RANGARESHA shop as a salesperson. My tailoring skills were useful in urgent repairs of the products in the shop’s inventory. I earned Rs. 5500/- a month and support myself and my children efficiently. AROHA has offered me the legal aid support to retain my shelter.

Since the salary was not sufficient for my survival, three months ago, I changed the job. Now I am working for a shop in Kamal chowk, where I sell the dress material. I also do the stitching as and when required by the client. I earn Rs. 7000/- per month. From this Diwali, I will be getting additional incentives also.

My sincere regards to AROHA and L&T charitable trust for their help extended to needy women like us.