My Name is Ankita Kadu. I am 29 years old, I live At Khadgao village near Wadi. My father died when I was too young. Because of my father’s death, my mother had to shoulder all the responsibilities.

We are three people at home. Myself, my mother & my elder brother. My mother used to work in farm field for our daily needs. When there was more work on field my mother used to take both of us (me & my brother) for helping her. While three of us were working on farm, we used to get a that days food..We had to do hard labour work of cleaning and maintenance of the farm since we had no special hard skills.

I started stitching clothes at home. I learnt many things on my own and from my neighbour. But the finishing & knowledge was not sufficient to start sufficient earning.So, I decided to learn advanced tailoring work for some more income. So I went to many places for enquiry of the tailoring class. The fee there was more than Rs.5000/- for the course, which was impossible for me to pay.

One day I met a field worker from AROHA Multipurpose Society. I got all the information of this institution from the field worker. Here I was going to get the tailoring training in very minimum fees. Scholarship scheme helped me to enroll.

I took my mother to the Wadi Centre for further enquiry & formalities. The atmosphere there was very comforting. I got admission in Advanced Tailoring course after I cleared the interview. In the tree months advanced tailoring programme, I was trained to make different patterns of blouses & dresses. At the same time we were taught, how to run the small business. I got all the valuable information, time to time from AROHA, which helped me to build my self confidence.

Today I earn about 4000/- to 5000/- per month by stitching blouses & dresses of women in our locality. I stitch fashion blouses for brides too. I am proud that I am earning & helping my family to improve our condition. I am planning to open a Boutique in future which is my dream. I am thankful of AROHA & L&T Charitable Trust for giving me an opportunity to bring change in my life.