Vocational training in Basic Tailoring at AROHA’s Uddyam center , Nagpur city, was started in the month of September , 2015. The five women in this group – Swati Warthi, Mamta Shendre, Bhavana Paserkar, Bhavana Pendam & Karuna Mankar were selected by AROHA team for the training in Basic Tailoring. All were in the age group of 21 yrs. to 29 yrs.

One day, I met the social worker from AROHA. She gave me information about the organization and asked me to visit the centre at Kalmeshwar. When I went there, I saw many women getting trained in different type of courses like stitching, Ari Jardosi and Bag making. I filled up an application for ‘Bag making course’. I underwent an interview and was selected to take the training.

The training there was very useful. I learned to stitch tiffin bags, shopping bags, college bags purses etc. During the training basic training material was provided by the organisation. Trainers were kind & helpful & the atmosphere was comforting. Due to scholarship provided by L&T Charitable trust the fee was very less. During the training, we were told about material purchase, prices, sources, product making and marketing. After completion of the course I, I started stitching tiffin bags and sell them. My finishing was very good & my bags were sold at good rates. Due to bag making course, I was able to stitch on heavy duty machine, which helped me further to get job in Shree Garments.

After few days, our trainer organised an interview at “Shree Garments” factory near Kalmeshwar. Today I earn 4000/– to 5000/- Monthly & make bags at home too. I am confident and proud that I am supporting my family.