Tabssum Sheikh

Vocational training in Basic Tailoring at AROHA’s Uddyam center , Nagpur city, was started in the month of September , 2015. The five women in this group – Swati Warthi, Mamta Shendre, Bhavana Paserkar, Bhavana Pendam & Karuna Mankar were selected by AROHA team for the training in Basic Tailoring. All were in the age group of 21 yrs. to 29 yrs.

29 year old, house wife with three children in the age group of 1.5 yrs. to 10 years, was living a hassled life in a small rented room of Adarsha Wadi area near Nagpur city. The only wage earner in her family, her husband was a truck driver, earning around Rs. 6000/- a month. she was barely able to feed her family in the income of her husband. She always felt that she should earn something for supporting her family. She was not able to find the way out because of the lack of skills, exposure and money. She also had a major constraint that she was not able to leave the house and children unattended.

One day Archana, the social worker of Uddyam center of NGO AROHA supported by Larsen & Toubro Charitable Trust approached her. When Archana told her about the vocational training courses offered to needy women in the Uddyam centre, she grabbed the opportunity with two hands.

Tabassum enrolled herself for the Ari-Jardoshi course offered at Uddyam. During the training programme, AROHA team found that she has a basic knowledge of hand-embroidery, which can be further developed to promote her livelihood.

After completion of the training she was giving the trial embroidery job of making mobile covers. Along with this, she was also given designing inputs for the hand-embroidery. Tabassum now, is the empowered artisan taking independent jobs of embroidery work on bedsheets, sarees, mobile covers etc. AROHA team helps her to get the job work. Currently she is making embroidered laces for Sakaar Fairtrade Inc. She earns around Rs. 2500/- to 4000/- per month. She feels she can earn more once her small child starts going to the school.

Once a stresses housewife, Tabassum is now a role model for the women in her locality. Smile on her face and confidence that she has gained is of worth more than a million.