I am Shilpa Kuhite. I am 24 years old, and have 2 daughters. I reside in Shikshak colony, Kalmeshwar. I am fourth class pass. My education was discontinued because of my marriage. My husband works as a painter for a contractor. Due to recent increase in costs of various goods, it had become difficult for us to meet both ends with the current income.

That was the time when I had decided to learn tailoring in order to support my family. When I was enquiring about the training centers, I came to know about Aroha. Me and my sister-in-law then visited the institute. The comforting atmosphere, peaceful environment and teaching style were amongst the many reasons , why I decided to join Aroha. Since I already knew basic stitching, I joined the advanced course.

After this course , I was well versed in all techniques of the stitching industry and was able to work efficiently. All this not only developed my skills, but also built in self-confidence. Today I stitch number of blouses and other clothes, and earn about Rs.3000-4000 every month. Since I can do this work at home, cooking and other domestic chores have become easier.

L&T has served a guiding path and help by providing scholarships to us needy people through Aroha. It is solely due to this training that I was able to become satisfied , happy and economically stable in the society. Henceforth, I am very grateful to both these organizations for the happy life I am leading today.