Field worker of NGO AROHA, sarita madam came to my house and explained everything about the courses. My husband expired 4 year back. I have two daughters. After my husband passed away my in-laws threw myself and my daughters out of the house. My parents are very poor and old. My elder sister who is deserted by her husband is staying with my mother. I could not think of burdening them with myself and my daughter.

My distant relative gave me a small place to live on rent. I was always worried about the future of my daughters. When sarita madam told me that training would given at Uddyam centre and I shall also get help to earn money and stand on my feet. I decided to take this opportunity.

I was very happy the way Lata Madam and Mamta Madam taughtus. I put my heart and soul into it. I was very happy to be with other women of the centre and formed new friendships. My senior relative helped me with the enrolment fees initially. This gave me lot of encouragement.

I have now started using my relatives sewing machine and stitch at home. This way I am also able to look after my daughters. I have started earning about 1500-2000 rupees per month.

I shall now buy a second-hand machine for fall and pico and simple sewing machine of my own and shall starting earning more.

I shall also keep telling other needy woman about Uddyam centre so that they can also take advantage of thefacility. I have not seen anywhere that NGO gives such excellent training in very less amount of charges.This NGO is giving helping hand to poor and needy woman like me. God bless the people behind this effort.