I am staying in a rented room with my husband and two daughters. My husband is a driver. I always used to feel I should work and help my husband but my daughters were young and I could not leave them.

All these years, I was managing in a very low income. One day one lady came to my house and started explaining about tailoring course at the NGO AROHA. I had never used a sewing machine before this so I was doubtful. I visited AROHA’s training centre along with my landlady. Mamta Madam explained everything and showed that women who had not used the sewing machine were stitching blouses confidently.

I joined the course because I liked the atmosphere at the centre. I was very happy with the training and I made friends with the women participants with me. I learnt about stitching dresses. Now I stitch dresses from neighbourhood, friends and other. I am able to help my husband and sometime able to pay the rent. I don’t have to beg for money to my husband for small requirements. I am proud of myself.

I intend having a boutique my own in future.

I also keep telling others to join AROHA training centre and take benefit. In AROHA they not only teach tailoring but also provide opportunity to work at their production of file folders. I am not able to go their because of my small daughters,otherwise I would have joined the production group.