Pravina Vijay Kanshap

My Name is Sau. Pravina Vijay Kanshap . I am staying in the slum near Ramnagar, Telangkhedi, Nagpur.Hunbandis working in the press shop. I am 10th pass but could not study further because of the marriage. My daughter is four years old.

When I thought of future of my daughter, I used to worry. My husband is a daily wage earner and income is very less. Managing house was very difficult so I wanted to do some work for my living.

During visit to our area,fieldworker of AROHA explained to me about the working of AROHA and the training that they conduct. I wanted to enrol myself butmy family was against it. I visited the centre along with my husband. Centre Manager explained everything properly to my husband. He was satisfied and allowed me to join the course especially because this was run by all women.

When I joined the course, I thought, I shall learn stitching blouses but I learnt dress as well. I started using our old hand machine.

Today I look after my daughter and take out time to stitch dresses and blouses. I have earned around Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 1500/- in the last two months-. I am still practicing. I will soon buy a new machine with my own money. Now I am confident. I can support the family and give better education to my child.