My husband is working in a godown. He earns a small salary. We are staying in a small rented room at wadi. We are just managing our expenses and not able to send any money to old in-law who are residing in a native place. I always used to feel I should help my husband by working and earning. I was interested in tailoring but could not afford fees of private classes, which were in the range of Rs. 2500 to 3000. I never had that sort of spare money.

One Day Sarita Madam explained to me about various course run at the centre. I decided to join bag making course. I learnt various types of bags.
Now I am making bags and selling them. I earn around 2000 to 2500 rupees per month. I am able to help my husband and he is very happy about it.
I want to start my own shop where I shall sell bags and teach other girls.
I am thankful to AROHA and L & T for giving me the chance to learn. They really take efforts in teaching. My fell very confident now.